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Flexible Barrier Technologies and Systems

Switch to flexible barrier systems to maximize both the safety of your personnel and the safety of your machinery and equipment in new generation occupational safety products.

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What is a Flexible Barrier?

Flexible barriers are a peripheral security tool used in many different industries and applications. These barriers are often used to prevent damage caused by vehicle crashes or other impacts. They are also used to protect people and animals in some cases.

Flexible barriers can be made of a variety of materials, but the most common are plastic or rubber. These materials can bounce back when subjected to impact or impact, thanks to their flexibility. This prevents the barriers from being damaged and ensures that they can be reused.

Flexible barriers are a type of barrier system mostly used to direct, control and secure traffic. Flexible barriers are made of a range of materials that can take damage during collisions or impacts, but quickly repair that damage. These materials include polymeric materials, steel, aluminum and other similar durable materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Raysan flexible barrier and Impact Protection Systems make collision analyzes for the hardest conditions and equipments. Raysan flexible barrier is much more reliable than the same cross-sectional metal competitors.

Raysan flexible barrier provides the cost advantage in businesses with the reasons for the absence of non-disposable, maintenance and easy to repair.

Raysan flexible barrier and Impact Protection Systems are the FIRST and ONLY local flexible barrier manufacturer of Turkey.

Raysan flexible barrier is assembled much faster and easily than metal competitors. 2 staff can installed 35-40m barrier on shift. This period can increase or decrease according to the type of barrier.

Raysan can produce and assemble much faster than its metal competitors.

Raysan Flexible Barrier Systems can produce in special measurements for your company. Since the needs of each company is different, different discovery is made for each firm.

Raysan prefers 100% recyclable materials with the principle of our "respect for our tomorrows".

Raysan flexible barrier systems are hygienic. Suitable for direct food contact. Resistance to chemical contact is high.

Raysan flexible barrier has feature of easy installation. Anyone with installation tools and experience can easily installe. Installation kits are sent with barriers.

Raysan flexible barrier systems will not be rusted by the special compound, it will not corrode.It will not require painting and maintenance, as it will flex in collisions and return to its previous state.

It is possible to easily carry your Raysan flexible barrier to wherever you want at any time depending on your needs.

If your Raysan flexible barrier is sketched, it will not be a change of color thanks to the self-colored structure. Nevertheless it will not require paint.

When the Raysan flexible barrier is broken, you can only re-supply the broken profile to the extent you want. You can put it back in a maximum of 15 minutes.

Thanks to the equipment called Raysan "Slider Plate", it has produced solutions for fast traffic to open and close. You can remove and install your flexible barrier in seconds.

Raysan flexible barrier has the self-colored tissue with superior attention and creation of awareness. The positive effects of employee behaviors were observed in most of the companies applied.